Monday, March 11, 2013


I have only had one paying job in my life.  The rest of the positions I've had, have been volunteer positions. Even my teaching job began with my volunteering in the data lab at Meramec.  I have volunteered as a teacher's aide, peer consultant and, now, at my library. 

It makes me sad if I hear a caregiver say, "that's not in my job description," if I ask them to do something that would help me, but is not technically part of their duties.  Most of the time they do what I ask, but let me know they are not required to do it.

Helping others in any way you can is important.  Volunteering is important.  I love my volunteer job as a greeter at my library.  I answer questions, give directions, help patrons find books or just talk to people. The staff has been very supportive and accepting of me.  I feel I belong there.  I have missed days this winter.  When I miss, I always try to make up some time.  I know the library appreciates my help. I want to thank the staff for making me feel so welcome.

I understand making money is important. People need paying jobs to provide for themselves and their families. I'm determined to become a freelance writer.  I won't stop until I achieve that goal.  But, for now, I''m happy volunteering at the library.

My passions are books and writing.   The library is the perfect place for me.  Find something you are passionate about or find a place where you can make a difference. Give a little of your time.  You'll be surprised at how good you 'll feel.

Currency is not always monetary. Currency can be just a smile after you have taken the time to talk to someone who is lonely.  Maybe you're volunteering at the library and you help someone find a book they've been looking for. Their appreciation is your  currency. .I think anytime you help someone and know you have made a difference in their lives, the good feeling you get is currency enough.

Money is important but, money isn't everything.