Thursday, May 8, 2014


I saw this story on the talk show KATIE this morning. It's the story of nine-year-old Ben Pierce who is gradually losing his sight. They don't know when, but they know it's coming. His parents are trying to give  him as many experiences as they can, so that when the inevitable happens, Ben will always be able to see the experiences through his mind's eye. Katie Couric gave him a fun filled day in New York City as well as other surprises/

This story got me thinking. If we knew we were going to lose our sight or were told we had a terminal illness, what would we want to do or see? What would be important to us?

I started a bucket list once. There were only three things on it.

1. To have an article published in a magazine
2. To visit California again
3. To see Cher in concert again

My list isn't very long mainly because everything I thought of seemed inconsequential.

i depend on others all the time. so,  I think a good bucket list entry for me would be to try and help others in some way.

And because love dogs, I'd ,want to do something for all homeless, abused and neglected dogs. I would love to volunteer at the Humane Society because i can't give money, but i can give love, and that just as important.

Writing a bucket list motivates you to do things you may not have thought about doing before. Or, do something you have always wanted to do. It makes you think about what's really important to you.

I hope that Ben Pierce gets to do as many things as he can before his vision fails . He'll have plenty of pictures to view in his mind's eye. Plenty of memories.

 What's on your bucket list?