Sunday, July 26, 2015


I found my Snuggie. It had been neatly folded and placed in an empty drawer. I am thankful that I have this link to  my mother back. People told me they hoped it would turn up. Some people even told me they were sure it would be found, but I had given up hope of ever seeing it again after the first week.  I had no faith. I had no patience.

Faith and patience are two qualities you need in abundance when you live in a facility. You need to be patient and understand that when you press your call button, it may take a while for the staff to answer your light. The staff works extremely hard to care for residents. They have a lot of residents to care for. They are overworked.Sometimes it's hard for me to remember this. Especially when I have to go to the bathroom. You have to have faith that your call lights are working properly, so that the staff doesn't accidentally forget about you. The staff depends on those lights to let them know when a resident needs them. 

The dietary staff works extremely hard too. They do their best to serve us. Sometimes, residents are not very patient. Staff can be running around taking orders and serving food and someone calls out, "I didn't get my soup" or "I want to go back to my room." I want to tell them to be patient and wait their turn. It's not that difficult to be patient in the dining  room. We all get served eventually.

Residents have to be patient with the the staff. The staff has to be patient with residents. Residents have to have faith in those caring for them. Faith that they will be cared for with dignity and respect/ Residents need to treat the staff with dignity and respect as well.

The most difficult thing for me about living here is learning to  be patient. Learning to wait my turn. I struggle with this daily. I am not perfect. I am, a work in progress. I do the best I can. I am taking it one day at a time.