Monday, July 20, 2015


The facility does my laundry. I have had a number of things go missing. The facility has been more than generous in either replacing items or reimbursing me the cost of the item. I appreciate the concern and willingness of the  staff to make things right in any way they can. However, I have lost one item that cannot be replaced .

The Christmas before she died my mom was given a Snuggie. I am sure that you've seen the commercial, showing a woman wearing  a long blanket-like garment with sleeves, sitting in her recliner. After Mom got hers, she'd sit in her recliner watching Game Show Network, warm and comfy in her pink Snuggie. Seeing how much she liked it, I asked her if I could borrow it.  "No, get your own," she told me.

After Mom died, her Snuggie was folded and placed on a chair in her room. I didn't wear it, but each time I went into her room, I'd see it and remember how much she liked it.

When I learned I had to move into a facility I knew that I would take Mom's Snuggie with me. I have used it as a blanket every night since I got here. Feeling my mother's presence as I waited for sleep to come. Having it brought me comfort. 

The Snuggie has been sent to the laundry several times.  I never worried about getting it back because my name was written in it. Someone also told me they knew it was mine because no one else here has one. 

Two weeks ago my Snuggie disappeared. No one from laundry knew where it was. With each passing day, it seemed doubtful I would get the Snuggie back. Then, yesterday, I noticed a pink Snuggie hanging in my closet. It was a brighter pink than I remembered, but I convinced myself that maybe it was a brighter pink due to having been freshly washed. Last night I used that Snuggie as my blanket, but in the back of my mind,  I knew something wasn't right. 

This morning my aide told me that Snuggie was too new to be mine. And, my name wasn't written in it. It was clear that a well-meaning staff member had purchased a new Snuggie for me.  I appreciate their effort, but I don't want a new Snuggie. I want my mom's Snuggie. It is not about the Snuggie, it's about what the Snuggie represents. The memories  of my mom wearing it and the pleasure it brought her. It was like having a part of her with me. That's something that cannot be replaced.