Friday, August 28, 2015


I hate goodbyes. This week, I said goodbye to my fellow library volunteer, Marilyn. who was placed at the library through AARP. They have a program for seniors wishing to get back into the workforce. Participants are placed at various locations in order to gain knowledge and to learn to work with people in a variety of settings. The library is Marilyn's second placement. Monday she will .move on to her third.  Marilyn and I have become good friends. However, it wasn't always that way.

Being a  Greeter at the library is the only job there that I am able to do. The first volunteer, .from AARP, that I worked with took over, answering questions, giving directions and assisting patrons. I just sat there.  I did not feel that I was needed anymore.

When Marilyn began volunteering I was resentful.I thought that she would take over as the other volunteer had done. I am embarrassed to admit that I wasn't welcoming. To be honest,  i was very rude to her. I almost quit because I didn't want to just sit beside her while she helped patrons.

Marilyn told me she wondered what she had done to make me act that way. She felt very uncomfortable. She didn't enjoy being at the library on the days that I was there. 

Marilyn hung in there.. After a while, it was clear to me that she wasn't going to take my job away. She let me perform my duties as I always had. We learned to work together each taking turns assisting patrons.

I have learned a lot from Marilyn. The biggest lesson is not assume or judge. Give a person a chance. Everyone  possesses different strengths and knowledge. If you are willing, you can find a way to work together and learn from each other.

I want to thank Marilyn for her support during the past year. I appreciate all the talks we've had. Her thoughts and encouragement have meant a lot to me.  Marilyn loves to cook. I want thank her for all the treats she brought me. Especially the Sweet Potato Pie. It was delicious.

I want to wish  Marilyn well as she continues on her journey to find employment. I know that wherever that journey leads her  she will do the her job professionally, with a positive attitude and with the,help of God.