Monday, October 19, 2015


My Kindle was stolen last Thursday. I got up. I checked my email as I do every morning. The pink bag, with the Kindle inside, was on my desk. The power cord was plugged into the base. By noon all of it was gone. I want to thank the administrator of this facility for doing all they could to locate my Kindle. I want to thank my family for calling the police so that I could file  a police report. It has  been four days. I must accept that my Kindle is gone. The administrator has ordered a replacement. In a few days it will be as though the incident never happened. I appreciate that my Kindle is being replaced more than I can say, but is that really a solution?

I understand that it is a state law that the rooms of resident's cannot be locked because staff needs to be able to get to residents in an emergency. However, I think that if  a resident is not in their room and their door is closed, their privacy should be respected. Anyone can walk into a room at any time. I came back from the library one day to find a man I had never seen before washing the windows in my room. I realize this needed to be done, but it was still unnerving to find someone  I'd never seen before in my room. 

The disabled and elderly population are easy targets. I had irreplaceable things stolen from me when I lived at home too.  

Wherever my Kindle is,  I hope someone is enjoying using it as much as I did. Whoever has it will have to answer to God someday.

I hope that in the future facilities will find a way to respect and protect a resident's privacy a little better. Our rooms should be our castles.