Sunday, November 22, 2015


On December 3rd, Voyce will host the 21st annual Caregiver Awards Luncheon. 89 caregivers from 55 long term care communities will be honored. For additional information and tickets please go to:

I was asked to write about a positive experience I've had with a caregiver since moving to a facility. I have to be honest and say, I have not had that many positive experiences. The majority of caregivers I have encountered since moving here just want to get finished caring for me so they can move on to the next resident. Some don't even take the time to ask my name or tell me theirs. Preferring to call me Baby, Honey or Sweetie instead. i find these names to be very disrespectful.

The good caregivers are the ones who take their time. They treat me like a person, not just a body. There is a caregiver here named Patricia who embodies all the qualities of a good caregiver.  Patricia is smiling and friendly when she comes into my room. She takes her time and doesn't rush through my care. She listens if I have a suggestion about how to do something for me. And, she talks to me. One night before leaving my room, she showed me pictures of her children and grandchildren. I really appreciated her taking the time to tell about her family. 

Patricia is a warm, caring and compassionate caregiver. She never makes me feel like I am bothering her. We need more caregivers like her in long term care communities.