Saturday, February 27, 2016


My floor use to be a nice, quiet place There was enough staff to care all of us.Things have changed drastically in the seventeen months I have been here And, not for the better.

This facility is understaffed. Staff come and go regularly. I have been told this is common in all facilities. The issue I have is that  new residents keep being admitted to this floor even though short staffing is an issue. During the day it's not as bad as the overnight shift. There have been nights when there has been just one aide to care for all of us. This is not fair to aide or the residents. How can one person possibly provide adequate care to all of us? The aides are overworked and tired. The situation has improved, but could be a lot better. 

This floor has become a scary place. Sometimes I don't feel safe. They have moved a husband. and wife, who both suffer from Alzheimer's Disease ,to my floor. She screams and cries as if she is being murdered. He bellows and curses. One night, last fall, he was hollering and banging in his room. It was midnight. This morning he was bellowing at five-thirty. He got confused and threatened me once saying, "You'd better get of my room or I'm coming in there to get you." I was in my room minding my own business. He thought that my room was his.

I need to have my door open at night. I need to see into the hall. I was the same way at home . My bedroom door was never.closed. Even when my door has been closed, I can still him hollering.

Alzheimer's is a terrible disease. I know because it runs in my family. Having said that,, it is not fair to me or my fellow residents to have them on my floor. They take time away from the rest of us who need care too. I am afraid if something's not done something serious will happen because the man gets very agitated and mean. He has already tried to throw a trash can at aide. There is also a resident who has tried to come into my room. He suffers from a brain injury. All three of these individuals need to be in a secure unit.  As of this writing, nothing has been done. All I hear are empty promises from the staff/ My family  does all they can. Calling almost daily and meeting with the staff as well. 

Does someone have get hurt for the staff and administrator to realize that there are some serious issues on my floor that need to be addressed?

This post is a plea to the administrator to take action now.  If this is my "home" as everyone here tells me, I deserve to live in a quiet place that is free from fear.