Wednesday, March 23, 2016


I have a question for the aides who work at this facility. Why do you come into my room and turn my call light off without helping me?

It happened again  last night. I turned my light on after dinner, my aide came in, turned off the light, said she would right back. A half  hour later I was still waiting. I understand that I am one of twenty-four residents. What I don't understand is why turn off lights if a person has not been helped? I was told last night that if an aide comes in and talks to you, they know what you need, so there is no reason to keep a light on. I have also been told that if the state came in and saw a lot of lights on, the facility would be  in trouble. Or, they want to keep things calm in case family members visit. 

Lights should remain on until a resident's needs have been met. Anything could happen. There can be an emergency at any time. If no light is on, a person's needs can be forgotten. It happens all the time. What's wrong with letting people see how things really are?

During the night,  I needed to be pulled up in bed. I had slid down. I asked the aide to re position me. I was told I would have to wait for a nurse to help. Time passed and I turned my light on again. When they came in, about an hour later, I was told i was impatient. I was just trying to go back to sleep

A resident once said to me."If the aides had to go through what we go through things would be a lot different here " I totally agree.It may be just a job to many aides, but this is our life. We want to know that we matter. We put our lights on again and again after they have been turn off. We don't want to be forgotten.

I know the aides are busy. I will wait my turn, All I ask is that you please  leave my light on.