Thursday, March 31, 2016


None of the regular aides showed up for the evening shift last night. Every one of them called in. There was just a nurse and a student nurse. When I returned from dinner I couldn't find anyone. Another resident needed assistance. Their light had been on for quite a while. No one had answered it. I called my family. My wing ended up with two nurses, one acting as a Med Tech, the student nurse and one aide. It was a little unnerving for a while not knowing where anyone was. Why did I have to call my family in order to get the help we needed? Sadly, in the evenings, and on weekends, this is a common occurrence. 

Easter Sunday, there was one evening aide to care for all of us. Monday and Tuesday evening there was one aide as well.(the same aide) Tuesday evening started out with two aides, but one of them went home. Monday night I was up until after midnight because I refused to go to bed with my hands and face had been washed and my teeth brushed. The night aide told me they didn't have to do this because of all people they still had to put to bed. A nurse finally helped me, but not until I had called the night manager twice. 

There is no continuity of care on the day shift. Every day I  have a different aide. Aides also come in late. This leaves floors with one or no aides until an aide arrives.

It was not always this way. When I entered this facility there was enough staff to care for everyone. Aides came in on time. There were always two of them. The majority of aides and nurses that were here when I got here have left.

This facility is run by a corporation. You can buy stock in that corporation. In my opinion, their main objective is to make money. New residents are admitted. There is not enough staff to care for all of us. The staff that is here is overworked. I'm sure that they feel underappreciated. Not only do I advocate for myself, I advocate for the aides too. When I have a good aide, I want them to stay. I let them know that I appreciate what they do for me.

When people from the State of Missouri were here things ran smoothly. There was more than enough help. It should be that way every day. Not just when the facility is trying to get a good evaluation.

The solution seems simple to me. Don't admit more residents than staff can adequately take care of until you hire more staff.

It is sad when the nightly question at my dinner table is, "Wonder how many aides we'll have tonight?" 

We didn't need a new chandelier or more pictures on the wall in the lobby We didn't need a new patio. What we do need is good care. Care is given by people who care. People we can depend on. I don't think that's asking for too much