Sunday, May 22, 2016


My rights have been violated by the State of Missouri
My brother has been working.tirelessly trying to find out the name of the individual who interviewed me while I was on the toilette. He spoke with someone  who works for the state. This person is withholding the the name of the individual. They lied to my brother, telling him they didn't know the individual's name,when in fact, they do. Tomorrow, my brother will be filing a police report. A warrens will be issued for the person's arrest. We want to find the person who interviewed me, so charges can be filed against them too. 

When a visitor enters this facility,, they are required to sign in and sign out when they leave. The interviewer did neither, The interviewer should have been  escorted to my room by a staff member. They should have shown me ID.  They presented themselves as an employee of this facility. I had been asked similar question by staff before, so. I thought nothing of it. They were given access to my chart . I know now that my civil rights were violated. They tried to trick me..

My rights have also been violated by this facility
I have signed papers,concerning my health insurance, that I thought brother had knowledge of.  I was told by a staff member that my brother would be called. He wasn't. I was lied to again.

The administrator of this facility asked that I not blog or tell Voyce about an incident the occurred on May 11th.  That night, I was verbally and emotionally abused by an aide. I was cursed at. The aide admitted to threatening me.  They yanked my call .light from my hand, putting it out of my reach and closing me in my room. I was trapped. The nurse heard me screaming for help before the aide left, but did nothing. The aide came back after a while, gave me the call light, waning me that if I pushed the button again, they would take it away again, close the door and no one would come, The nurse finally came in, but all they asked was if had been physically abused. When said I hadn't, the nurse was not that concerned,. The nurse accused me of refusing care. She sent the aide back to my room. I  became upset. I don't feel safe at night. I am afraid of new aides.

I was told the aide has been suspended pending an investigation. I have not been told anything further. I told my brother. The facility has never mentioned the incident to him. 

The administrator wanted to handle this "internally." Under the First  Amendment, I am free to blog about whatever I choose. The administrator  was trying block my right of free speech. I am speaking out because I don't want any other resident to go through what I did.

The head of .social services told me I don't always stick to the facts in my posts. I write my perceptions. I write my reality. I  speak my truth.  That is all that matters.