Tuesday, June 28, 2016


The internet is awesome.. This is especially true for me.It allows me to stay connected to the world outside of this facility.

Cher has just returned from a vacation on the French and Italian Rivieras. There were many tweets from her.  There were so many photos, I felt as though I  was vacationing with her.  A virtual vacation is not the same  as actually being there, but it's better than nothing.

Cher tweeted about drinking Framboise. Whenever Cher mentions a food, drink or something else she likes, I google it. (I once ordered her favorite drink, frozen hot chocolate, from her Favorite New York restaraaunt, Serendipity 3. . Pacts of the hot chocolate mix were delivered to me. I am sure the restaurant's is much better than the mix, but at least I can say I tried it.)  I wanted to know what Framboise was. I googled. I saw links for it, but when I clicked on one of the links, Forbidden was the message I received again and again.

I am writer I was angry. It felt as though my internet searching was being censored. I was not googling pornography. .I was googling to learn. I was googling gain knowledge.  I didn't understand what the issue was. This facility is part of a public corporation. As such, it can do whatever it wants. I understood this in theory My issue was that if I am to regard this facility as my home, then allow me to search the internet freely without restrictions, the way I did when  I lived in my own home.

My Facebook friends came to my rescue. They googled Framboise for me. It is a French raspberry beer. I love anything French. I hope to try Framboise soon.

I wanted the filters on the Internet to be changed. I was determined to make that happen. I spoke to the administrator, explained  my issue and the filters were removed. it feels good to know that I helped make a positive change here.

Last week was a great week. I tried sushi for the first time. I was a columnist on M.A. Cassata's entertainment website The Mac Wire.  http://www.themacwire.com/chers-on-european-vacation-fans-are-delighted/ I helped make changes to Internet searching here. And, it all started with a Cher Tweet.