Friday, June 10, 2016


Logo Courtesy of the Voyce Facebook Page
I considered discontinuing this blog. I deleted my last post because I was told about rumors concerning aides not wanting to work with me because they were afraid of losing their license.  My feelings were hurt. I need aides to care for me. Writing this blog just didn't seem worth it.

Last Friday, I was invited to attend Voyce's Changing Landscape of Long Term Care Conference. All of the sessions and all of the speakers had the same message. They are striving to make long term care communities the best they can be.

I met some great people. One of the people I met was the president of Voyce. Last November, I made a video. . In the video, I talk about what it feels like to live here and how I think things could be improved. I am told Voyce uses that video a lot. The president shared with me how powerful my message was. He thanked me for making the video. I also spoke with the director of Voyce in St. Louis . I told her that I was thinking of discontinuing the blog due to the repercussions of my last post/ The director urged me to reconsider. She told me that anyone who speaks out can become a target. She said I am the voice of the residents. I knew then that making the video and writing this blog were positive things.

I have been told that being an aide is just a job to the CNA's who help us. I disagree. Being a CNA takes a special person. Someone who is kind, caring compassionate, takes their time and listens. A person should not be in the field just to collect a paycheck. or because the hours are flexible and fit their schedule. In my opinion, you are a CNA because you want to enhance someone's life.

People want me to write something positive. What they fail to understand is, even when my posts are negative, they're positive. I want my posts about facility life to facilitate change. I want to get people talking, thinking and taking action to improve conditions in long term care communities

I cannot get anyone fired. I am not the cause of them losing their license. Their actions cause these things to happen to them. Last Friday morning, my call light was on for an hour and ten minutes, before someone answered it. I was calling for help as well, but no one came.. I worry the same thing will happen tomorrow.

When I was young, I wondered why I was put on this Earth. What was my purpose in life? Thanks to Voyce I don't have to wonder anymore. My purpose is to speak out so that change can occur. My purpose is to be a voice for all of us living in long term care. My purpose is to be a voice for Voyce.