Tuesday, August 2, 2016


I wanted to blog  about the groundbreaking events of last week.. Not only did a woman accept the nomination for President of the United States, but Disability Rights were front and center at the DNC. 

What could I add about the ADA and the Disability Integration Act that hadn't already been said by Anastasia Somoza, a young woman with CP, and Senator Tom Harkin of Iowa?

Plus, I am a week late. I have learned, by ,writing for The Mac Wire, how fast stories become old news. You have have probably forgotten all about the speeches made last week concerning Disability Rights. I have not.

I am including them in this post.The messages in the videos are important to me and every Disabled American. Please take a moment to watch them.

Senator Tom Harkin 

Anastasia Somoza

Nursing homes are for those who are sick. I am not sick. I will not die here. I should not havebeen institutionalized because I need care. I am a person with goals. I need to be productive. I need to be a part of my community again.

 I do not know where the funds should be allocated from in order to make the necessary changes. I just know changes need to be made.  I hope that the incoming administration does not forget.about the disabled community. There are 56 million of us. We are too important to ignore.

Last Tuesday, on the twenty-sixth anniversary of the Americans With Disabilities Act, a group of disabled Americans marched in Washington. I will end this post with the words they chanted.

"Our homes, not nursing homes."