Monday, September 5, 2016


The last week and a half have been very difficult here. Trouble began with my aide failing to get me up and showered so that I could eat and be ready for my Call-A-Ride van  at my scheduled pick up time. You must cancel Call-A-Ride three hours before they are scheduled to pick you up. You cannot cancel at the last minute. If you do, you get points against you. After a certain number of points you are not allowed to ride for two weeks. My aide had not yet arrived, I knew I would not make it to my van in time. I cancelled.

That evening, after dinner, I wanted to go sit outside in the front of the facility. The receptionist informed me that she couldn't allow to do that. I told her I would be right out in front. She could see me from her desk. She informed that she couldn't let me go outside by myself. The administrator and another staff member came and blocked my way out of the door. 

The administrator told  me that if I persisted in trying to sit out in front he would have to write me up for being non-compliant. I became angry. I voiced my feelings, telling the administrator, this facility had become like a prison. I apologized a few minutes later.   One the one had, I was embarrassed by my behavior. One the other hand, I felt I was advocating for myself. Thankfully, my behavior was not documented.

The new rules were put into effect after and elderly resident caused someone to fall out in front. This is the second accident this resident has been involved in.. They cannot be held responsible because they become confused

Why am I being penalized for the actions of another resident? I was not present at either of the accidents. And, If this is my home, why can't I sit wherever I choose to sit?

I understand that this facility is held accountable any time there is an accident. I understand that this facility is a business. I understand that this facility has to meet state guidelines. I understand that this facility has a resposibility to protect its residents.. It still feels like the new rules are a little extreme. I am not the only resident who feels this way. It has been a topic of meal conversation..

Last week, an aide gave up part of their break to go walking with me. We walked all over the grounds of this facility. It was the happiest I have been since moving here. Nurses were happy because I was smiling. It reminded me of summer evenings when I was at home. My caregivers and would go everywhere. When the aide told the unit manager what she had done, the aide was told she couldn't take me outside. I could go out on either of the two patios available to residents. My aide was repremanded for doing something nice for me. I don't understand.

Therre are good people here. My regularl morning aide makes sure I am up on time and ready to start my day.That means a lot to me.I appreciate the aide who took me walking. I felt free. That too, meant a lot to me. 

I understand the importance of rules and regulations. This facility supposed to be my home, I hope the rules will be bent a little in the future, so that we really feel that this is our homr not just an insitution.