Sunday, September 25, 2016


Well, We are still not allowed to sit out in front and wait for our rides. I almost missed mine because I couldn't see. Another resident spoke up on  my behalf. I respect this resident because they understand how difficult living here is  It has been a hassle for anyone who uses Call-A-Ride. The facility cut down bushes. We can see from the inside now. This is not the solution we were hoping for, but there are more important things to worry about. I am just happy to be going out again.

The nurse I wrote about in my previous blog post, is a very good nurse. I like them. We have had no further issues. Maybe they were having a bad day. I am still nervous around certain residents, Aides and nurses are aware  They try to make sure no incidents occur.

I switched tables one night. I have decided to stay at my original table. The other table is made up of elderly  residents. We are all talking more at my table now. It has been nice. I go down to where the younger residents live. They have a secluded patio. I watch the birds. I have talked some.of the residents. Good conversation.

Last Thursday, on the way back from the library, we passed the strip mall where my mom  did some of her grocery shopping, we passed Ted Drews Frozen Custard ,a summer tradition for us. We passed my former doctor's office.  We passed the now vacant mall where we spent every weekend. Tears filed my eyes. I was very emotional. So many memories.

I will begin looking into other living situations soon. Exploring my options. I hear from people with disabilities, all the time, who read this blog. They tell me they got out of a facility. I can too. The difference is they were not hot lined. I have to try. A resident told me last week, there are two ways out of here, in a coffin or a body bag. I want roll out in my power chair with my head held high. I will have a viable plan before I contact my social worker. If it doesn't work out, at least I tried. I am labeled severely disabled. I have a mind. I can think. What makes me different from other residents here is there are things I want to accomplish. I hope I am given the chance.

Random thoughts. One common thread. I am alive. Things could always be worse. I am a survivor.