Sunday, December 11, 2016


When I was young, Christmas was about Santa, toys and decorations.Mostly decorations. 
I would beg my mom to let me transform our house into a winter wonderland. We had every Christmas decoration known to mankind,. Well, it seemed that way anyway. Closets were bursting. My mom finally had to tell people to stop giving me decorations because she had no more room to store them.

My brother put lights on the outside too.  No inflatable snowman or Santa for us. We had the big heavy plastic ones from when were were little. My brother worked hard on the house. When he was finished, ours was by far,the the best decorated house on our street.  Christmas was an exciting and magical time when my mom was alive.  My favorite  time of year. 

Christmas in a facility is just another day. Many residents have told me that. It is so important to have visitors not only during the holidays, but all through the year.. My wish for all the residents in long term care is that they may have lots of visitors  throughout the year.. No one should be forgotten. Everyone should have someone who cares about them. 

It's been almost seven  years since my mom died. I have not always treated my family with the respect they deserve. All I want this Christmas is for them to forgive me.  
I am not perfect. I screw up. I keep trying. I am becoming a better person. I appreciate everything that they have done and continue to do.for me. .I love all of them very much.  I am sorry.

My second wish is for the gift of hope.  Hope that I will be given a chance to live outside of this facility. I look forward to working with Paraquad and Starkloff Disability Institues to make my goal a reality.. If given the chance, I won't blow it this time.

My wish for the world is that someday, we are able to accept each other's differences.. That we live in peace.

My wishes are not things you can wrap with a bow.-They are the most important things I have ever asked for. 

I hope all of your wishes are granted this Holiday Season.