Monday, January 9, 2017


Robyn Rosenberger didn't set out to do anything special. She just wanted to make a superhero cape as a birthday present for her nephew, She wanted to make him feel cool and special.  She never imagined that the superhero capes she'd made for family and friends would turn into something much bigger. And, help so many

Robyn sent superhero capes to a little girl named Brenna after reading a blog about her. Brenna had been born with a rare and severe skin condition. Robyn also sent one to  Brenna's brother.  Out of that simple gesture of kindness, Tiny Superheroes was born.
Robyn's superhero capes have helped children battling serious illnesses like cancer and disabilities. like autism.  When a child wears a cape they feel empowered. They have the courage and strength necessary to face whatever challenges they may encounter.The cape is a symbol of hope to a child. Or, maybe a child just needs to know how awesome they are. Robyn has a cape for them too.

In the first year, 4,000, capes were sent out. Superhero capes have been sent to all 50 states as well as 16 different countries. That is amazing when you remember Robyn began making superhero capes as a hobby/ 

You can help by nominating a child you would like to have receive superhero cape. All you need to do is submit their story. Take a minute to read the stories of the children who are on the waiting list to receive a cape. You may decide to sponsor a deserving child. 

If your child becomes a member of Tiny Superheroes, each month they will receive a mission to complete. Upon completion of their mission, they will receive a patch for their cape. how cool is that?

It is about bravery, courage, hope and being proud of who you are.

Get involved. Read the stories. Sponsor a child. Nominate The Tiny Superhero in your life. Make a difference. You'll be glad you did.