Sunday, March 19, 2017


A new med tech tried to give me another resident's medication. I knew it was not mine. Thankfully, she believed me. What if I had not been unable to talk? What if I did not know what medications I took?  I have heard stories of a resident being given the wrong medication. It is scary.

Aides have tried to convince me that I have a UTI and that I need to have my vital signs taken at the beginning of each shift.  I have been awakened at midnight to have my vital signs taken. When I tried to tell them I did not have a UTI, I was labeled as uncooperative. The nurse finally came in to tell me the aide made a mistake.  A resident whose name is similar to mine had the UTI. A nurse once tried to convince me I was scheduled to receive a B12 shot. I was sure that the shot wasn't meant for me. When the nurse checked again she realized I was right. The shot was meant for the resident whose name is similar to mine. I am aware of any medications I take. I know the dosage I am to be given. I know any potential side effects.  I ask questions so that there will not be any mistakes.

Aides say I am spoiled because I only want certain aides to take care of me. I want and deserve good care. There a few very good aides here who take their time. They make sure I am clean. They make sure I am comfortable. We only get showers twice a week. I want aides that I know will give me a good shower. I don't want someone who gets me in and out in two minutes. If I ask to be given a longer and better shower many aides tell me they don't have the time. 

I sleep on an air mattress. Almost every night it deflates when my bed rail is raised. If the mattress deflates entirely, I am lying on metal.  Not everyone knows how to reinflate the mattress.When it is finally fixed, it takes awhile for the mattress to reinflate. I am thankful when the aide who knows how to fix my mattress is taking care of me.

I  sleep on my side with a pillow behind my back. The same aide who fixes my mattress knows how to position the pillow so that I am comfortable. I have asked if that aide can adjust my pillow every night. The nurse tells me that anyone can position my pillow for me. If I put my call light on too often because I am not comfortable the staff gets angry. The nurse says she's going to document everything. The documentation would be in my chart. Thankfully, she hasn't documented anything.

There are aides that make me feel comfortable. I trust them. But, there are also are aides that do not listen. They just want to do their job. They do not even take the time to ask my name.  

Living in a facility it is all about trust. I want to feel that the staff who cares for me is listening to me. I want to know that they are taking their time and doing the best job they can. I want to know that they are giving me the care that I deserve. If that means that I am spoiled, I guess I am. And, that's okay.