Wednesday, June 14, 2017


Summer is here. For almost twelve years my mom and I attended the Days of Our Lives and General Hospital fan weekends in California. We also traveled to England, Canada, Alaska, Maine and probably a few other places that I have forgotten, with Flying Wheels a travel agency that specialized in organizing trips for people with disabilities. 

Summer afternoons at home were spent swimming in our pool, going out to lunch, going to the movies or to the mall. I miss those summer days more than I can tell you

Now, I am in a facility. A place where if the temperature gets close to ninety degrees, we are forbidden to go outside unless we are accompanied by someone on staff here or a family member. I have found a way to get around that rule. I go to the patio on the first floor. That door is always open. It is secluded and quiet. I sit outside in the morning or after dinner. Never in the heat of the day.

I will never have another summer like the ones I had when I lived at home. However, I can still enjoy myself. I have decided, at least for the summer, not to worry about whether I am making money or not.  I am going to blog, write stories and do some journaling. I will still write a monthly column for The West End Word as well as a weekly piece for The Mac Wire, but I am going to write for fun too.

Living here is stressful. This summer I am going to try to decrease my stress and relax Writing, like, reading, can take me anywhere because there are no limits to my imagination.