Tuesday, September 5, 2017


I have been stuck in elevators for a few minutes because I was unable to reach the buttons. I have been stranded, unable to get to the first floor of a building, because the elevator broke down.
I never thought I would get stuck in a shower chair,

My shower days are Monday and Thursday. My regular aide was off for Labor Day.I pushed my call button because I needed to go to the bathroom. My aide came into my room to tell me why she could not help me.  She turned off my light. I informed her that it was my shower day.  My aide told me she was busy. She would get to me as soon as she could. I was made to wait forty-five minutes. I wet the bed. Someone from the Activites Department heard me calling for help. She tried to get someone. for me. No one came. I was wet and cold. I smelled. Yes, the streak had ended. I had such hope. It lasted for just two days.

I was given my shower. I was being dried off. I am a small person. All the shower chairs are designed for someone much larger than I am  I have no balance. Because the chairs are so large if my aide does not support me. I will fall over. I informed my aide that I was falling over. She told me that I wasn't. I was sitting on one side of the chair. Part of the hole in the seat was exposed. In a split second my leg went into the hole, I was leaning sideways in the chair. My aide tried to pull me over.  Mythigh was stuck.She couldn't free me. It took three nurses. They used conditioner to make my thigh slippery so that they could free my leg. I was very scared.I kept begging for them not to let me fall.  I didn't know what was going to happen. I was naked. I had visions of the maintenance men coming in and having to cut the chair. in order to free me. The incident would not have happened if my aide had listened to me I know when I am about to lose my balance. I appreciate all of the nurses who worked so hard to free me.  

Several weeks ago I was dropped while using a stand-up lift  A loop, on the sling, that attaches to the lift,  popped off. It was not secure. Thankfully, I was not that far off of the ground. I was not hurt. I was stuck on the floor until a nurse came and checked me out. 

I have been stuck in the bathroom, attached to a lift without my call light, more times than I can count. I ask the aides not to leave me. Many times they will leave anyway. I am trapped until someone comes.I have been stuck on a bedpan for almost an hour. If I report any aides they refuse to help me.I only hurt myself. My family tries to adocate for me. Lately, their calls have gone unanswered.

I pray everday that conditions improve for me. There are a few aides who like and repect me. They know other aides treat me unfairly. I want to thank them for the care and respect they give me. 

I am not a bad person. I am not out to get anyone. It is not my intention to make trouble for this facilityy I want to have my needs met.  I want to be treated with the dignity and repect.I deserve.