Thursday, December 26, 2013


This is a short essay on my idea of what I think Christmas is like in Heaven.  If you're like me, it's at this time of year, that you miss loved ones in Heaven the most.

The planning for Christmas in Heaven begins months in advance.  Everyone’s given a job based on whatever unique and special talents they possess. The chapel is given a fresh coat of paint.  The chapel has beautiful stained glass windows..Each one depicts a Bible story.  They are washed until they sparkle.  All the decorations and ornaments are checked to make sure that none are broken. A Christmas tree adorned with white twinkling lights will stand inside the chapel entrance.  Every year, the tree is so high it almost touches the ceiling.  There is just enough space for the angels to place a solid gold star on top of the tree.  A crystal nativity is placed underneath the tree. 

The music in Heaven is magnificent.  Choirs practice daily.  The angels play their harps with the other musicians until the music and voices blend together perfectly.

Everyone gathers in the chapel, at midnight on Christmas Eve, to hear the story of the birth of Jesus.  Each person is given a candle upon entering the chapel.  By the time Silent Night is sung, the chapel is illuminated only by candlelight.

 Angels sound the trumpets on Christmas Morning to celebrate the birth of Jesus.

There are no presents because being in Heaven and part of God’s Eternal Kingdom is the best gift one can receive. However, everyone does get a new robe made of the finest silks and brightest colors. After a short service in the chapel, there is a large feast.  Because there are people of all nationalities in Heaven every food imaginable is served.  The cooks have been preparing the menu for months.   Each year, all agree, that year’s feast was better than the last.  Each person at the feast, is asked to share a memory of a special Christmas on Earth 

The part of the day that all those in Heaven look forward to the most is the time they get to spend with their families on Earth. You see, those we love who are in Heaven, never really leave us. I believe they see and hear everything we do. So, if you feel a gentle breeze touch your cheek or feel a slight touch on your shoulder, that's a sign that your loved one in Heaven is near, 

I want to wish you a Joyous Holiday Season.  May there be Peace on Earth for us all.

Thursday, December 12, 2013


I hate winter. I realize hate is a strong word. A friend once told me never to use it.  They suggested I use the term strongly dislike instead. In the case of my feelings about winter, however, the phrase strongly dislike is too soft a term to describe my feelings.

When I was little, if there was ice or snow on the ground, my school bus could never make it up the hill to my house. My mom would drive me to the bottom of the hill where we'd wait for the bus. Sure, there was heat in  the car, but it was still not very warm. My mom would call the street department every year and explain the situation. It took years, but finally, a truck put salt on our street.

When I was in college I would have to wait for people to open doors for me as automatic doors were only a dream then. I would get very cold if there was no one around and I had to wait for someone to come help  me. On the plus side, It was a good way to meet people.

I don't like having to wear heavy coats (or in my case capes) because I have to ask people to help me take it off and put it back on. I try to dress in layers and not wear a cape whenever possible, but sometimes it's too cold to go without my heavy cape.

My power chair doesn't go through snow very well. If the wheels get too wet the tires just spin.  One year, after it had snowed, I wanted to walk to the library because it was my day to volunteer. I didn't realize how snow covered my street was. The library was just across the street. We could make it. My caregiver and I started out. We didn't get far when my chair got stuck in he snow its tires spinning.  My caregiver tried, but couldn't budge the chair. Luckily, my neighbor saw us and helped me down the hill.

Cold weather never bothered me when I was younger. The older I get, it seems, cold weather bothers me more and more. I get cold much faster now and it takes longer for me to get warm again.I cannot imagine having to wait in the frigid temperatures we've had for public transportation, but i know  there are people with disabilities who do because they have  no other choice.

Winter weather may  force people with disabilities to stay home because it's just too difficult to get around. I have cut my days at the library to one day a week until spring.  I'll be home more, but I'll keep busy writing, reading and playing games on Facebook. I'll volunteer at the library wham the weather is good.

Snow is pretty, but to someone with a disability is just another obstacle, another challenge. Technically, it's not even winter yet, but i'm already asking, "How many days til spring?".