Sunday, May 11, 2014


I may not have any children, but yesterday I knew what it must feel like to be a mother I went out for the afternoon. Because Lucie is old and sick, and I was going to be gone a long time, I left Lucie with my neighbor. My neighbor loves Lucie and Lucie loves her. It’s not the first time I have done this so, I knew she’d be okay. 
Periodically, during the afternoon, I wondered how Lucie was doing. Was she barking too much? Was she crying to come home as she’d done in the  past? Was she having accidents in my neighbor's house? I tried to push these questions from my mind, but they kept coming back.
I couldn't wait to see Lucie. We even went to eat at a restaurant close to my house so we'd get home faster. When we got to my neighbor's house to pick Lucie up, my neighbor said she'd bring her over In a little while. It got later and later and my neighbor still had not brought Lucie home.

Finally, my neighbor called to ask if I wanted her to keep Lucie overnight. She knows my caregivers are not required to care for Lucie and my neighbor wanted to give my caregiver a break. I was not sure about this as Lucie had never been away from home overnight, but I agreed.

We had a thunderstorm during the night. I worried about Lucie because she's afraid of storms.

My neighbor called this morning. Lucie had done none of the things I had worried about. She had been the perfect dog.

Lucie is home now. Asleep on the floor next to my bed. Her presence keeping me company as I type this.

I expected her to want to jump into my lap, so happy to be home, but she barely acknowledged me. Perhaps it was because my neighbor had dog treats.

After my neighbor left, Lucie went to her spot in my room. She knew she was home.

I  realized yesterday was a lot harder on me than it was on Lucie. I was the one who was a wreck. She was fine. I know what's it's like to be a mother because a mother worries and wants their child to be able to handle being away from home. It doesn't matter if their child has two legs or is covered in fur. the feeling is still the same.



Thursday, May 8, 2014


I saw this story on the talk show KATIE this morning. It's the story of nine-year-old Ben Pierce who is gradually losing his sight. They don't know when, but they know it's coming. His parents are trying to give  him as many experiences as they can, so that when the inevitable happens, Ben will always be able to see the experiences through his mind's eye. Katie Couric gave him a fun filled day in New York City as well as other surprises/

This story got me thinking. If we knew we were going to lose our sight or were told we had a terminal illness, what would we want to do or see? What would be important to us?

I started a bucket list once. There were only three things on it.

1. To have an article published in a magazine
2. To visit California again
3. To see Cher in concert again

My list isn't very long mainly because everything I thought of seemed inconsequential.

i depend on others all the time. so,  I think a good bucket list entry for me would be to try and help others in some way.

And because love dogs, I'd ,want to do something for all homeless, abused and neglected dogs. I would love to volunteer at the Humane Society because i can't give money, but i can give love, and that just as important.

Writing a bucket list motivates you to do things you may not have thought about doing before. Or, do something you have always wanted to do. It makes you think about what's really important to you.

I hope that Ben Pierce gets to do as many things as he can before his vision fails . He'll have plenty of pictures to view in his mind's eye. Plenty of memories.

 What's on your bucket list?


Tuesday, May 6, 2014


I like to be stay .signed in to my email account. As you know, I only type with one finger and staying signed in to my account is a lot easier for me. I have had the same email provider for a very long time and never had an issue. Periodically, I would have sign in again, but that was no problem, I would just re-enter my password and every was fine. Until the past month.

Last month I was prompted to verify who I was by retyping my password. I did. I was told what I had typed was incorrect. I tried several times, finally changed my password and thought everything would be fine.

It may not seem like much, but I enjoy composing and sending email on my Kindle. True, I type slower and have proofread really well because I make more mistakes, but I still like to sit at my kitchen table and send emails. That proved to be a problem because when I tried to enter the new password on my Kindle, my email provider wouldn't recognize it.

I tried every password I'd ever used and eventually got lock out of my own account. Twice. I guess they thought I was trying to hack into my own account. I found a toll free number, called  and was going to explain my situation, but all I got was a busy signal. I envisioned a future of being locked out of my own email account once a month forever. I was very frustrated. I called my internet service provider, but they were no help.

I have switched email providers and things are fine with my Kindle and email. Now, I have a problem with an update not installing. I'm thankful that I have family and friends to assist me with computer issues.

I probably should have titled this post My Adventures With computers . I love \my laptop. it lets me keep in touch with friends and family, play games and do research for stories. But when there is a problem I sometimes feel like throwing it our the window.

I learned patience this last week. I have tremendous respect for those who can diagnose computer problems and fix them/

So, am I the only one who has these problems? if not, share your story with me. I'll feel so much better.