Sunday, March 29, 2015


I have been seeing a therapist here since last fall. Rick would come every Friday, listen to me and try to help me learn better communication skills as well as ways to cope with having to live in a facility. He would come without fail. 

I thought it was strange when he didn't show up by dinnertime. Over the weekend, I learned the reason why. While on vacation, in Florida, he was the victim of a hit and run. A truck ran him down. I was, and still am, in shock.

Rick understood the frustrations and the difficulties that come with living in a facility.He got it. He knew it was not easy. For me personally, He understood that I will never consider this facility my home. It is just where I have to live now. He treated me with respect and dignity The one thing that I always remember is that when we were talking he would say to me, "Well, you're a social worker, you know how it is."  Many times, when you have a disability, people talk to you as though  you are not intelligent. Rick never treated me that way. He treated me as  an equal. I am sure he treated everyone here the same way. He wanted to help me and everyone here get what they needed to make their lives better. The other thing he always said to me was, "i want what you want. I'm here for you."

Rick only saw residents here who are on Medicaid. I'm not. I was told he'd been seeing me for free. 

The last time we were supposed to meet he was running late. They have happy hour here once a month. I had planned to go.  Rick  told me to go to happy hour and he would see me again in two weeks when he returned from vacation.

Thank you Rick for caring about the things that mattered  to me. Thank you for wanting to help me become a better person. I will never forget you.