Monday, March 18, 2013


Everyone wants to be remembered.  Everyone wants to know that they mattered.  Everyone wants to know they have contributed something to this life.  I'll be fifty-six in a few weeks and I have been thinking about what my legacy will be.

 I don't have any children.  That used to make me sad.  I began writing children's stories for a friend who taught preschool.  As a result, a little pink bear named Bianca Bear was born.  She really is like my baby.  I was very protective of her stories.  So protective in fact, that when an editor told me that if I ripped the stories apart and re-wrote my entire manuscript, I'd have a better chance of getting a mainstream publishing deal.  I couldn't imagine ripping my manuscript apart and starting over.  I self-published.   Good or bad, it was the choice I made.  Bianca Bear is an example of what a true friend is.  She's loyal, helpful and supportive of her friends.  

Fifty years from now, if someone stumbles across a copy of THE BUSY WORLD OF BIANCA BEAR, (or finds her blog on the Internet) I hope they don't think it's corny.  I think the lessons in the book of friendship, bravery, sharing and love are timeless.  I hope they never become obsolete.

I started this blog for fun.  Just to see if I could write something on a regular basis that would be of interest to people.  I learned its true purpose very quickly.  Its purpose is to inform and educate others on the issues and challenges people with disabilities face.  I wanted to share a bit of my life with you as well.   I have gotten many positive comments.. This blog is the most important thing I have ever done. I'll keep writing about the things that are important to me personally, as well as issues that affect the disabled community.  I hope you'll  keep reading..

Fifty years from now, I hope all the barriers to disabled people leading full and productive lives have been broken. I hope that people who read this blog will see how far people with disabilities have come.

I used to worry that I hadn't done anything that mattered in my life.  I know now that my writing is my contribution. My writing is my legacy. 

.    .