Wednesday, April 22, 2015


I have been a fan of Listen to Your Mother since the very first show in St. Louis. I love it because it pays tribute to mothers as well as anyone who takes on the role of a mother in a child's life. The stories are sad, happy, humorous, they cover every emotion, but most of all, they are real. I don't have children, but each year, as I sat in the audience listening, there was always something in each story that reminded me of the relationship I'd had with my mom and by the end of the show I usually had tears in my eyes because the stories I'd heard were so moving. I wished I could pay tribute to my mother in such a meaningful way, but there was no way I could do it because I don't like to speak in front of people. Believe me, when I do, it is not pretty,so I put the idea out of my mind.

Then, one Sunday afternoon, when I was alone in my house I sat at my laptop and began typing.  I wrote from my heart about my mother, our relationship and what she meant to me. An hour later I had written my essay, 

I went to the website, sat there looking at it for quite a while. Then, even though I knew they wouldn't choose my story, I hit the submit button. It was done.

I forgot about it until one morning when I checked my email. There was an email from one of the producers telling me I had been chosen to audition. I couldn't believe it. When the night of my audition came,I was nervous, but Ellie, Laura and  Naomi, the producers, put me at ease.  I auditioned thinking it was just for fun and there was no way I would be chosen to be in the cast.

But I was. I couldn't believe it. I was thrilled beyond words. Sadly, rehearsal schedules and my caregiver schedules  didn't fit together. I had to drop out. I sat in the audience last year wishing I had been able to share my story.

The day of the show last year, Laura told me how much they had wanted me in the cast. "Wherever you are next year we will find a way to share your story." They found a way to make me feel less nervous and turned my dream of being a member of the LTYM cast into a reality.

Being in this show is about more than paying tribute to mothers. For me it's about acceptance, the fulfillment of a dream and support. The support of the producers who thought my story was good enough to be a part of the show. I want to thank them for finding a way for me to tell it that is comfortable for me.

Please come to the show if you can. Each cast member  has a unique story.Stories you won't want to miss.

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