Thursday, February 25, 2016


I have always watched my weight. I wanted to make it easier for anyone assisting me.

My mom never denied me anything, but she did limit my desserts. She could not have cared for me, by herself, until the age of eighty-seven if she hadn't.

The stress of my mother's illness and death caused me to lose a lot of weight. 

If a caregiver told me I was heavy, I  try to get my weight down/ Intellectually, I knew the caregiver did not mean that I was fat. They meant that I was heavy because I was unable to assist them when they were transferring me. I kept my weight down  hoping it would make things easier for them.

I try to eat healthy. A lot of fruit and salads. I love yogurt too.  I have gained some weight. However, I am still a little under weight for my height. I  am a small person. They tell me I am doing okay.

When I got here,  I would notice what other residents were eating.  I would wonder how they could eat all the carbs and desserts that they did .Didn't they care about eating healthy? I am embarrassed to .admit I was judgmental. I was also a hypocrite.

It's not easy living a facility. It can an extremely frustrating and stressful place. Some days, eating may be the only thing a resident has to look forward to. Food is a constant, food brings comfort. Food may be the only source of comfort some residents have.

I love junk food. I love desserts. There are days when I am so frustrated here that all of my thoughts of healthy eating go out the window. On those days I eat ice cream and whatever I want because I know ice cream and other desserts will make me feel better.

It's not easy for someone with a disability to keep their weight under control. No one know that better than I do.

Everyone chooses the way they want to eat. Some days I eat healthy, some days I don't Either way it's okay.

Gotta go. It's almost time for ice cream!