Friday, July 8, 2016


Someone cursed me out the other day. I'm talking about the full on Shut the Front Door F Word. The reason,, because I said  they;d have to wait their turn to be served, in the dining room, like everyone else.They informed me they don't like to wait, while waving their arm for faster service,.They cursed again. I asked them to stop. "I'm sixty-six years old, I'll curse if I want," was their reply.

I asked for the rest of my food, ate hurriedly and left. I was angry and hurt. I didn't eat lunch that day. I ate early that evening. I was finished by the time the other person arrived. I like eating before everyone the dining room. I enjoy the peace and quiet.

The incident angered me because I  had been disrespected. I am a woman and a fellow resident. I had been waiting too. Why should someone who'd just arrived get served before me?

I see how hard the servers work. For the most part, I wait my turn. If I do complain, I try to as respectful as I can.. I am not perfect. I get angry, but no matter what, I always say please and thank you to anyone who has helped me here. 

I think the Human Race as a whole has forgotten that we are all doing the same thing. We are all trying to live life the best way we can. We should be trying to help one another, not just help ourselves.  Everyone deserves to be treated with dignity and respect.  Everyone has a purpose. Everyone matters 

I still have not gotten an apology from the person who cursed. That;s okay. I didn't expect one. We are not speaking yet. That may or may not change. I don't know. I would have appreciated an apology or kind word.  I guess the person doesn't feel they need to offer one.

I pray that someday the people of the world stop thinking only of Me and start thinking of We. I pray that someday the world will be peaceful again. I believe it can happen if We work together.