Wednesday, August 24, 2016


I have never met artist Scott Clarke in person. We became Facebook friends, in 2014, during Cher's Dressed to Kill Tour. 

I began seeing his toons on Facebook.  Scott's  toons are unique in that he adds a verse to his drawings. The verse may be a quote from the celebrity featured in the toon or a line from a movie they may have been in. Whatever the verse may be, it is always positive  and fun ..

Scott doesn't remember how old was when he started drawing. He remembers sitting next a girl, when he was in the third grade, who drew well. He coped some of her techniques. He believes all artists influence each other, no matter what age they are.  Being an only child meant he spent a lot of time alone. Drawing helped fill that time.

Scott's first drawings were of The Flintstones/ He liked the drawing style of Hanna Barbera. He even created his own versions of TV shows like Gilligan's Island and I Dream of Jeannie. As a teenager, he became fascinated with designer Bob Mackie and Cher. He began drawing his own versions of Mackie's creations for her. He/loves drawing Cher/ He has drawn over three hundred toons of her. He has drawn over  one hundred toons of Barbra Streisand  and three hundred of other stars.  He also has a greeting card line called Crabby Cards.

Scott has taken a few classes. He did not like the structure of a class. He likes to find his way on his own. If he needs direction, he'll ask.

Scott's celebrity toons started when he posted a toon of Cher on Facebook.  "People seemed to like it so I  dove into it!"

"The first toons I did were people/celebrities that were cartoonist in life, larger than life characters with incredibly recognizable characteristics. I still find those kinds the MOST enjoyable to do. Cher, Barbra, Dolly, Bette, Liza!!! All fabulous and FUN!"

Drawing a toon is not just about the drawing. Scott researches a celebrity by watching videos and reading the person's bio/ This helps him get to know artist as well the person/ It helps in the creative process .  It takes about twenty minutes for Scott to draw a toon. He may draw a toon and write the verse for it later. He draws and writes whenever the inspiration strikes him/.

Scott has never had a negative response to his art. Most celebrates are  flattered. He does his best to make his toons positive and flattering. Scott leaves negativity to the political cartoonists/ His goal is to make people happy, to inspire, entertain and to help people remember happy moments from the entertainment industry/

Scott has a list of celebrities he has yet to toon. His shining moment came last year, Cher used one of his toons on her birthday cake. Scott spoke to Cher on the phone/ She asked him to do a toon for her mom, Georgia. Georgia's happiness made Scott happy too.

Both Cher and Barbra have seen Scott's toons and they approve.

Scott also draws toons for various charitable organizations. A portion of the proceeds from Scott's Cher-toon bool are going to Cher's favorite charity, Children's Craniofacial Association.

The Barbra-toon and Cher toon books are just the beginning. More books are coming. Even coloring books, A portion of the profits will go to charity because to Scott that's giving two smiles in one.

Scott Clarke,is  making people smile one toon at a time.



Crabby Cards