Friday, March 10, 2017


Being on Medicare/Medicaid is a very humbling experience. It is difficult for my family because they are now responsible for whatever bills my insurance will not pay for.

 I loved to go out and have a drink and a good meal every weekend. I did whatever I wanted to do. I didn’t think about money. I was spoiled.

I have always been physically dependent on caregivers. I learned quickly, when I moved here, that my needs may not be as important as the needs of another resident. I am not the most important person anymore.

 I have become financially dependent as well. I worry that I have become a burden to my family because they have to pay for the things I am unable to pay for. I know it is not fair to them. I cannot earn much, but I am trying to get writing jobs. I make calls, people express interest, I follow up with another call. I am told someone will get back to me, but the call never comes.

I have stopped going out. I don't use my phone much. I am trying to do everything I can to save money.

My chair is very old. I worry it will stop working I know residents who have been waiting more than six months for parts and chairs. The government does not;t think residents of nursing homes need power chairs. It sucks if you have to be pushed around because your power chair is not working. Power chairs mean freedom to those of us who use them.

The dentist that comes here does not x-ray a patient’s teeth. This concerns me because I had issues years ago as a result of my teeth not being x-rayed every year. If I want good dental care my family will have to pay for me to see a dentist. Oral hygiene is not a priority here. There have been times I have had to fight to get assistance with brushing my teeth. I am not proud of it, but I do what I have to make sure my needs are met.

What happens when the proposed state block grants run out? If all the people with disabilities needs have not been met,? Will they just be out of luck?

I am sure the legislators who want to cut services have never been physically or financially dependent on anyone. They have no idea how degrading and demeaning it is. It makes you feel worthless because it lowers your self-esteem.

Click on the link for the latest information from  The Consortium For Citizens W ith Disabilities, an organization that seeks to ensure that the 56 million disabled Americans have what they need to be fully integrated into society. The CCD  is seeking to protect. Medicaid and the Affordable Care Act, from proposed budget cuts/

I have known many people who are on Medicaid. I thought it would never happen to me. Now, it has. It is a very humbling experience.

I'm still here. I will not give up. .Like all disabled, Americans, I will keep fighting for my rights. I will keep fighting for the kind of life I deserve.