Tuesday, April 23, 2013


This blog is meant to inform, entertain and to hopefully make readers think.   I'm not an authority on disabilities or disability issues. I can only speak about my life experiences having Spastic Cerebral Palsy.  I'm sure, if another person with Spastic CP, was asked to share their experiences, they would be totally  different from mine.  People are different.  We all relate to things differently. 

I appreciate the positive feedback I have received.  I  enjoy reading your thoughts and ideas.  I am not, however, qualified to offer advice.  While I do have a degree in social work, I'm not a licensed social worker or therapist.

I have not posted in several weeks.  Mainly because I couldn't think of a topic I felt was interesting enough to write about.  I am beginning to have topic ideas .  I will try to post.weekly again.  

I never realized, when I started writing this blog, what a big resposibility it would become.  I want to write good thought provoving posts.  I feel I owe that to everyone who reads this blog.  Sometimes, I must admit, that's hard to do.

If you read this blog and can relate to something I have said or if a post gives you a new idea you hadn't thought of before, that's great.  Nothing I write in this blog is meant to be taken as advice.  This blog is just a place for me to express my thoughts and ideas.

I'll return with a new post next week.