Tuesday, April 30, 2013


In nineteen seventy-five, Elias Michael School decided to have its first (and to my knowledge) only prom for the high school students.  Quite a big deal.   It was held at an American Legion Hall.  The hall was donated by the father of one of the students.

I had to find someone to go with me.  But who?  I decided, with some coaxing from my mom, to call the brother of a young girl who was also disabled.  Their parents were friends of ours. I nervously made the call.  There was hesitation in his voice when I asked him if he'd go with me.   I actually heard his father, in the background, telling him to  take me. That should have been a sign to me that the evening would not go well.

The two things my date enjoyed about the evening were getting to drive my mom's car and the food that was served.  We had nothing in common.  He didn't like the band at the prom.  He told me he preferred classical music.  He didn't try to have fun.  At eleven o'clock I asked him if I could go be with my friends.   He stayed at our table.  The dance ended at midnight.  I had fun for about an hour.  The night was awful for both of us.  I almost titled this post A Night to Forget.

Everyone was so surprised I had a date.  The teachers couldn't get over it.  Their reaction made me feel self conscious.  As if I was too much of a nerd to  get anyone to agree to take me to my prom.

What I remember most is getting ready for the night.  My physical therapist coming over and doing my hair and makeup.  The white dress I wore with the little orange and yellow flowers.  My date arriving with a corsage  My mom taking our picture  before we left.  In my new dress, with my hair and makeup done, I felt pretty and special. Just like Cinderella. 

IIt's prom season.  I wanted to let you know what my experience going to prom was like.  f you are a disabled teen girl attending their prom this year, I hope it's a night you'll always remember.  A night where you feel a little bit like Cinderella too.