Tuesday, May 28, 2013


One of my caregivers may be replaced.  I’d hate to see that happen because I know everyone needs a job.  I care about everyone who works for me.

I was going to blog about the situation, but then, I mentioned it to someone and they told me I probably shouldn't because it was a personal situation.  The caregiver has a side too.  They could take issue with what I wrote.  I didn't want to upset anyone, so I agreed.

Then, I began thinking (again) about what the purpose of my writing this blog is. I have always said its purpose is to inform, educate and to make people think. I want to give readers a glimpse into my life.  You may think you know what it’s like to live with a disability.  But, if it hasn't happened to you, you have no idea.

This blog has to be about my personal experiences if readers are to get a clear picture of the problems and issues a disabled person faces.  If I begin to censor myself, this blog serves no purpose.  It would become a blog about the routine aspects of my life.   Going to the library, playing Word Tornado on Facebook, watching TV and reading.  One post on these subjects might be okay, but if that was the main focus of this blog, after awhile, I'm sure you'd get as tired of reading it as I would of writing it.

I was told recently, by the editor of an online paper that this blog appears in, they appreciated my candor. I am a very open, honest and direct person.

I will continue to be as open and honest as I can in my posts. That's the only way I know how to be.