Monday, August 12, 2013


I play a game on Facebook called Word Tornado.  It is really just a fancy name for Scrabble. The only difference  between Scrabble and Word Tornado is  Word Tornado has a time limit. You have a little over a minute to create a word with the tiles you are given.  If you fail to do so you lose your turn.  I like the fact that the game has a time limit.  It makes the game more challenging.  When I first started playing I didn't score well at all.  I was determined to improve.   I didn't let the fact that I scored low deter me.  I had been playing for months. Sometimes I felt like giving up.  I didn't.  My scores began to improve.  Now, sometimes, I am even one of the top three players.  Don't get me wrong, I still have bad games, but I continue playing because I know I will have good ones too.

I always said I wanted to work at Meramce.  I volunteered in the computer lab.  I learned everything I could, I helped in the lab in any way I could. I didn't give up until my dream became a reality

When I purchased my first laptop I didn't want to use the keyboard mouse.  I thought it would be difficult for me to use.  I wanted a mouse like the ones I used at Meramec  I bought a mouse and plugged in into my laptop.  Over the years, the trackball of the mouse became worn down causing the mouse not to move properly.  I had no way to get it replaced. I told myself that if I was going to continue to use a computer, I would teach myself to use the keyboard mouse.  It wasn't easy.  I found the mouse on my laptop to be more sensitive than the mouse I was use to. The keyboard mouse was more difficult for me to control.  It took a lot of practice, but I finally learned to use the mouse on my laptop. I was so proud when I mastered it. 

I refuse to give up on my writing.  I will continue to write because, someday, I know I will have a column published in a newspaper or magazine.  I just have to stay positive and not give up. Anything worth having takes hard work and determination.

I want to tell you about my nephew, Kyle.  For as long as I can remember,Kyle has played baseball..He played every season, every chance he got.  He spent a couple of summers in Maine playing on a team in college.   Kyle had a dream to play professional baseball.  He didn't give up. This spring Kyle's dream became a reality.  He was drafted by the St. Louis Cardinals. He's currently a pitcher for their minor league team The Johnson City Cardinals in Tennessee.  I am very proud of what Kyle has accomplished. I wish him the best as he begins his professional baseball career.  Kyle is the best example of someone with perseverance that I can give you.  With hard work, determination and a belief in yourself, dreams can become reality.  All you have to do  is persevere.. .