Sunday, August 4, 2013


Having a pet enriches your life. It has been proven that petting a dog can lower your blood pressure. Pets teach children responsibility and to have empathy for another living being. Even something as simple as watching a tank filled with fish is relaxing.  When I was little we had a fish tank.  I used to love to watching  the fish swim around in it.  They were so graceful. We even had a gerbil for awhile.  I got to take it home for the summer on the last day of school.

There has been a dog in my house since I was two or threes years old.  I have been particularly close to our Maltese, Frosty and Lucie.  My readers know  about the special relationship I have had with both dogs. I have written posts about both of them.  Sometimes having a dog forces me to put their needs before my own.  Just like a parent does with their child. Having Lucie allows me to use the maternal and nurturing side of my personality.  She depends on me. When we visit the vet and they take her to the exam room, she frantically looks back to make sure I am following.  I tell her,"Lucie, I'm coming.  You know I can't move that fast.  I'm not leaving you."

When I volunteered at the independent living center and visited my client at the nursing facility.  I was surprised to see the facility had birds, in the lobby, a fish tank at the end of the hall and there was even a cat in residence. One, when I was leaving, I rode done in the elevator with a man who had brought a dog to visit the residents.  Facilities  must see the benefits of having animals around.

I hope there will always be a dog in my life.  Having a pet makes your life better.  Pets don't judge you.  They accept you as you are.  You care for them and they give you love, loyalty and devotion in return.   There's no other relationship like it.