Monday, April 7, 2014


I have been having difficulty coming up with meaningful blog posts topics. I thought about writing about getting a new laptop and my struggles in going from Windows XP to  Windows 8.1. I wrote approximately two paragraphs and was bored, so I knew you would be too. I thought about writing about how professional my caregivers were in getting Lucie and me to a safe place in my house during the storms last week. But then I remembered I'd been there and done that. I even thought about writing about updating my resume, but who wants to read about something as mundane as that?

Then, I had an idea. Cher will be making a stop in St. Louis in June during her Dressed to Kill Tour or as she calls it her, "Farewell, Farewell Tour." I'm going to try to get a letter to her. One of Cher's friends is on Twitter. I plan to tweet her daily in hopes of getting a reply. 
I figure her friend will either reply or block me. I couldn't write about that. No one would take me seriously as a writer. You'd all stop reading my blog immediately

What I can write about is that dreams don't always have to be sensible. Sometimes you can go after something just because you want to. Because it would make you happy. So what, if people think your dream is silly. It's not their dream, it's yours. I encourage you to dream outside of the box once in a while. Your dreams don't always have to change the world. Sometimes all that matters is that they are important to you.

Just remember that without  our dreams we'd be dead. A good friend told me that.

I plan to make the concert the best night I have had since my mom died. if I am able to get a letter to Cher, it will make it even more special.

I have told you my "silly" dream. I'd like to hear some of yours. Leave me a comment here, Facebook or Twitter.