Monday, April 28, 2014


Last week I had a new caregiver for two days. This is always stressful for me as do not adapt to change well. I have had the same three caregivers for several years. .They are used to me and I am used to  them. We work well together.

When I have had a new caregiver in the past, the agency has allowed the new caregiver stop by my home so that one of my regular caregivers can show them how to transfer me as well as  other things that need to be done for me. This was not done last week, although I was assured by the agency that the new caregiver could perform the type of transfer I needed. I was told by the office, "She's the best worker we have." I prayed that she was

The caregiver would not take direction from me at all. She would not do a transfer where she would assist me in standing  up and I pivoted. She lifted me up out of my chair and placed me on the toilet.  I told her again and again she'd hurt herself if she continued to physically pick me up as she was doing. Sure enough, by the end of the day, she was complaining that her back hurt.

A person who's disabled knows what works best when someone is assisting them. Caregivers should be open to taking direction from their clients. And, clients should be open to trying new ways of doing things.

If you are a temporary caregiver, ask your client if there is anything they'd like for you to do.. Please don't  use the excuse of, "I'm just filling in. I don't know the routine," then watch TV and make plans for the weekend on your  phone. A client's house needs to be clean. it doesn't matter if your a temporary caregiver or not, the client's needs still need to be met.

I learned a valuable lesson last week. Never fail to appreciate your caregivers. Never take them for granted. I have three of the best caregivers. They help me and Lucie in any way they can. We'd be lost without them.