Tuesday, June 14, 2016


The Resident's Council. That's a forum here that meets monthly. Its a safe place where residents are free to discuss any issues or concerns they have From the laundry, to the. nursing staff, residents are free to talk about anything. It is our meeting. No one is judged.

Each month, the head of a department is invited to participate in the meeting. to discuss specific problems or issues that need to be addressed within that department.The department head uses what they learn from residents in the meeting, to make positive changes in their department.

Suggestions for activities are discussed in the meeting. Suggestions for The Meal of the Month are given. This is a special meal voted on by residents. Also, suggestions for the Dine in Meal of the Month are given. Dine In means food is purchased from a restaurant, usually fast food. Residents place their order and pay for it through the Activities Department. Someone from Activities picks up the food. This month's Dine In will be from Applebee's/

All this week resident's may cast their ballot for a new Resident Council . I hear residents complain a lot about conditions here. Very few attend the meetings. I stopped going because I felt nothing ever changed.

We have a new administrator.  Soon we will have a new Resident Council President. I  hope this is a sign of the positive changes to come for this facility. I want to become more involved with the Resident Council . I want to help make this facility a better place.

I hope all residents will vote. I hope more residents will attend Resident Council. I hope for a bright future for this facility.