Saturday, June 18, 2016


Growing up, I wanted to be Rona Barrett. I thought she had the coolest job on the planet. She got to interview celebrities, attend A-list parties and she got to go to the homes of celebrities to interview them. Who wouldn't want a job like that?

I bought all of her magazines and watched her specials on television.I watched her on Good Morning America. I looked forward to her reports featured on our local newscasts.   I read her autobiography. Miss Rona.  If she had had a new publication our or special on, I couldn't wait to buy or watch it.. She was the queen of celebrity entertainment news in the seventies. If she reported it then, it must be true.


I emailed Rona Barrett several years ago. I asked her to tell me her favorite memory from a Cher interview. A response came via her assistant. Rona's favorite interview with Cher was done in Cher's bedroom. Cher sat on her bad and was relaxed  and happy. I was pleased to find this interview on Youtube

Today Rona's passion is helping seniors find housing they can afford with services that meet whatever needs they may have. The Rona Barrett Foundation  is developing The Golden Inn & Village in Santa Barbara County. It will be a place where the elderly will be able to "live with dignity."

Rona Barrett paved the way for people like M.A. Cassata. Ms. Cassata has always loved music and Pop Culture. She began writing for her school newspaper.After graduating a year and a half early, she got jobs writing the entertainment scoop for local publications.  .She also worked at a major record store chain. Working in the store gave her the opportunity to meet icons in the music industry. Anne and Nancy Wilson, of Heart, Mike Love of the Beach Boys, Billy Joel and the  legendary Prince  are just some of the musicians she met while working there.

Her entertainment news has appeared in major publications like USA Today, The Hollywood Reporter, The New York Daily News and Rolling Stone. At last count Ms. Cassata has authored twenty-one books. Her list of celebrity subjects include Cher, Elton John, Jim Carey, Britney Spears Michael J. Fox, The Monkees  and many more. She has entered the world of online publishing and authored several e-books too.

Her websites and offer the latest in entertainment news. Her author website has everything you need to know about Ms. Cassata and her works. Check them out.

It is difficult for Ms. Cassatta to pick a favorite interview. She contributed to  as many as twenty-five publications at one time. She was intent on getting interviews and meeting deadlines. Contributing to so many publications barely left her with time to breathe.

Some celebrities she would love sit down with for an interview are  Eminem, Lady Gaga, Dolly Parton, Howard Stern, Katey Perry and Neil Patrick Harris. 

When Ms. Cassata was just starting out she worked for the publishing company that  published Rona Barrett's Magazines. She got to read some of Rona's personal notes and files. She said it was inspiring. I can only imagine.

Ms. Cassata loves her work. She cares about the fans. I am sure Rona Barrett would be proud to know her legacy of entertainment reporting lives on in part due to Ms. Cassata.