Thursday, August 31, 2017


Yesterday and today I did not have an accident. I woke up. I pushed my call light button. Someone came

I didn't have to begin calling ' Can someone help me, please? I don't want to have an accident. I am about to wet the bed." I didn't hear a nurse getting morning meds ready outside my room. I did not have to wonder why she did not ask someone to help me. Or, why she did not help me herself. I pushed my call light. Someone came to assist me.

I missed breakfast once because an aide left me in bed on my shower day. She returned after half an hour. By the time I got my shower They were cleaning up in the dining room by the time I got there. The staff got me my cereal, yogurt, and raisins. I ate breakfast. They cleaned up around me. Today was my shower day. I pushed my call light button. Two people came. They helped me to the bathroom. My aide got me in the shower. I was up, dressed and ready to begin my day. I had plenty of time before breakfast started.

Being helped the past two mornings so I didn't have an accident is a HUGE deal to me. My aides, the past two mornings, have been kind and understanding. They did not just walk past my door.  They did not come into my room, turn off my call light and tell why they could not help me. They did not make me beg for help.

There are good people here.There are people who care. I want to thank them for helping me. I hope they know what a difference they made in my day.

I am always writing about what's wrong with this facility. .I just thought it was time that  I wrote a post about what's right with this facility