Saturday, June 28, 2014


May 20th is Cher's birthday. However, the date has an additional significance for me now. It is the day I sprained my knee. I heard something crack in my knee as my caregiver was putting me back in my chair. Between the loud crack I heard, and the pain I felt, whatever had happened, I knew it wasn't good.

Perhaps you'll say my priorities weren't in the right place. Yes, I was worried about my knee, but I was also worried that the diagnosis would keep me from seeing Cher's Dressed to Kill Tour on June 4th. I'd had my my tickets since last October. I didn't want to miss a concert I had been waiting over nine months to see.

Thankfully, my knee was not broken. It was just badly sprained. Cher and D2K was still on.

 I'd been tweeting Cher and her friend Paulette daily in hopes of either meeting Paulette and or Cher.  I also have a friend on twitter who is friends with Paulette. I got the surprise of my life when I received an email asking the location of our seats. Every diehard Cher fan knows that if Paulette asks where you're sitting, it either means you are meeting one or both of them.

The weeks passed. My knee hurt, but I knew nothing would keep me from seeing Cher.

The morning .of the concert, I received an email from my friend on Twitter saying Paulette would definitely come by and say hello to us. Since I was on bed rest  until it was time to get ready for the concert, I called my friend, JoAnn who was going to the concert with me. "Paulette's coming by to see us," I told her. I still had hopes of meeting Cher too. Whatever happened, I knew it would be a night to remember. I sent JoAnn on a mission to get gifts for Cher.

Before I knew it we were on our way to the concert venue. It was exciting to see all the fans waiting to go inside. We found our seats and had only been there a few minutes when someone said, "Hi, are you Joanne? I'm Paulette." JoAnn had gotten a beautiful bouquet of white roses and pink lilies as well as a box of chocolate truffles because she'd read online that white roses and lilies are Cher's favorite flowers.. She likes chocolate too. Paulette told me Cher was busy backstage and a meet and greet was not possible that night. Paulette said Cher knew about me and that she would take my gifts backstage to her. We took pictures and then it was time for Paulette to go. She stopped to talk with other fans. As she was leaving.I heard her say, "Bye Joanne."

Cyndi Lauper sang many songs from her She's So Unusual album. The album is thirty years old this year. Cyndi really connects with the audience. What impressed me most was how she went out into the audience, shaking hands with as many people as she could.  Cher could not have chosen a better performer to open for her.

Cher Was amazing. From costumes, to songs, to special effects, Cher did not disappoint. I loved the entire show. I especially liked  the circus introduction to Gypsies, Tramps and Thieves. Cher singing The Beat Goes On and I Got  You Babe With Sonny. Watching her sing with a video of Sonny was very moving. Seeing her suspended and fly over the audience while singing I Hope You Find It was awesome.

Several days later, I received an email from Paulette saying how much Cher liked my gifts. I look at that email now and still can't believe it.

Thank you Jill, Paulette, JoAnn, Gary and Cher for giving me a night I'll never forget.