Sunday, August 9, 2015


A patron at the library on Friday, wanted assistance reserving time on a computer. They had attempted to do it on their own, but were having difficulty. They were very frustrated. I told them that I would help them. I was moving out from behind the volunteer desk when I heard them say in a disgusted tone of voice, "Oh, never mind, I got it." I guess I hadn't moved fast enough for them. Was what they needed a computer for that urgent that they could not wait a few seconds for me to come over and help them?  What happened to politeness? Is it wrong to expect someone to be respectful when asking for help?

When aides come in to get me out of bed in the morning, I always say good morning to them and ask how they are. Friday morning, it was as though I hadn't spoken  to my aide at all. I repeated my greeting several times, but did not get a reply. Sometimes, when I speak to my aide in the morning, their response is barely audible. I have gotten responses like,"i don't have to talk to you" or " I don't feel like talking." Yet, they have no problem talking if another aide comes the room. They carry on lengthy conversations . it;s not that difficult to speak when you enter a resident's room. It shows respect for the person.

I get extremely frustrated and angry living here.Waiting is very  difficult for me. I understand the staff's frustration at having many residents to care for and not enough help, but sometimes, I lose my temper. I am not proud of that. However, no matter how frustrated I get, I  always say please, thank you and speak when someone enters my room. If I am short tempered,with someone, I admit it and apologize. It may not always seem like it, but I do appreciate the care I am given here

I will never forget the first time one of my friends called my mother by her first name. I knew they were not deliberately trying to disrespect my mother, but it still sounded  so strange to me. I never called my parents friends by their first names. it took a while for me to feel comfortable hearing my friend do it.

I hope that we are teaching our children to be kind and respectful. I hope that they learn to be polite and to not always be in a hurry. I would hate to see manners become a lost art.