Saturday, September 26, 2015


Usually, the only time  you see stories about people with disabilities on the news, is when they are in need of something and they need the public's assistance in raising funds to purchase the item, when their rights have been violated or they have been taken advantage of by an unscrupulous individual. A friend posted this story on their Facebook page last night. The title for this piece came from one of their posts. This story is also about a person with a disability in need of something, but not in the way you might think.

A woman stopped by a Chicago area McDonald's for a bite to eat, but got much than a burger and fries during her visit. She got a lesson in compassion.

A disabled man, in a  wheelchair, rolled up to the counter. He was trying to say something, but the cashier didn't understand him. When the cashier finally understood that the man was saying, "Help me please," he left his register, washed his hands, put gloves on and returned. The cashier cut the patron's food for him and began feeding him his meal. Unbelievable!

How many people would have done what that cashier did? He was truly selfless. Let;s be honest, the majority of people would have not closed their register because they would have been afraid of losing their job. Others might have felt sorry for the disabled man, but figured the man was not their problem. The cashier didn't think about himself, his job or the money the restaurant might lose because he closed his register. All he thought about was that the man needed help and he was going to help him. The world needs more people like that cashier. People who have the ability to put themselves in another person's shoes. People who show empathy and understanding toward another human being.

Several years ago,  I rolled to the bank by myself. I knew that I would have wait for someone to open the door for me. I got to the bank and waited. There was a woman, with her hair in curlers taking on a nearby pay phone. When she saw me she put down the phone, came and opened the door for, me then went back to the phone and resumed her conversation.  I have never forgotten that woman or the kindness she showed me.

Showing compassion doesn't take much effort and it means so much.