Saturday, September 12, 2015


I was browsing the Kindle Bookstore the other day. I typed Cerebral Palsy in the search box. I expected to see textbooks or  medical books on the subject and I did. I also saw a novel titled MY PERFECT IMPERFECTIONS. was listed under Cerebral Palsy Romance. I have never read a romance novel in which the main character had CP. I was intrigued. 

The book is the story of Lily Cooper. Liliy needs assistance with all of her basic needs. She is unable to walk, she uses a communication device to speak and cannot feed herself. As a child she is protected by her family. Her twin sister,Layna is her best friend. Layna tries to include Lily in everything she does. Layna promises to never leave Lily. Just before their high school graduation, a tragic accident takes Layna's life, but Lily is spared.Lily must find a way to go on without her sister.

In my opinion Lily's disability is not what the book is about. Yes, the book shows what it is like for a person who is severely disabled to live with their disability on a daily basis. You see her frustration in having to depend on others for everything,,her frustration in having others think she cognitively impaired as well, but you also see her determination to lead a normal life. The book focuses on her strengths  .and abilities, not her disability. She may be physically dependent, but her mind allows her to be independent. Lily is an independent person who just happens to have a disability.

The love story of Lily and Chance is beautifully written.  They were perfect for each other because Chance saw Lily's care as no big deal and Lily gave Chance strength and courage when he needed it most.

I want to thank Ms. Wiliby for writing this book. I wish there had a book like it when I was young. The book, even though it is fiction, gives hope to people with disabilities. Hope that they can have a full life. Get a job, find love and raise a family. Lily had a wonderful support system in her family, friends. caregivers and husband.

The book gives non disabled people insight as to what it is like to live with a disability .it shows that we all want the same things in life. To be accepted, to be loved and to be treated just like everyone else.