Saturday, November 21, 2015


Well, the holidays are here. They had the big Thanksgiving dinner here last Thursday. Residents celebrated with their family and friends. I was blessed to have my family in attendance. Some residents, however, were not as lucky as I was.

Yesterday, I was talking with a resident. I asked them if they enjoyed the dinner. Their response was,"It was okay. My family didn't show up. When I called to ask if they were coming, they said they had forgotten all about it. I sat at our table by myself." I was shocked. How could the resident's family have forgotten about the dinner?  When I asked this person what they were doing  for Thanksgiving, They told me nothing because their family would probably be going to other relatives. Again, I was shocked.

A nursing home can be a very lonely and depressing place. Especially for younger residents. Families think that because our basic needs are being met, we're fine. They can go on with their lives and forget about us. That is not the case. We need friends and family. I have  good support system of family and friends. Many people have no visitors over the holidays. They are alone.

I am asking all my readers not to forget about people in nursing homes this holiday season. Go to a facility in your area and spend some time there talking to residents. You have no idea how much you'll brighten their day. If you have a family member in a nursing home that you rarely visit, you should be ashamed of yourself.  Go see them today. They need you.

There is a program in Pennsylvania called Presents for Patients.  A person adopts someone in a facility to make sure they are not forgotten this holiday .  You don't have to be a part of this program to make a difference. You can do the same thing in your area whether there is a program or not.

Please help to make sure it is a happy holiday for everyone.