Wednesday, January 20, 2016


When I was little I couldn't draw. I had difficulty coloring too. I guess you  could say my not being able to stay inside the lines meant that I was more creative than the other kids in my class, but  i was six years old, all I cared about was being to do what the other kids in  my class were doing. 

All I could do was draw circles and scribble. The teacher wanted us to draw and paint. How could I do that? I was having enough difficulty trying to print name. When I did try to draw the other children laughed at my efforts.

I would beg my mother to teach me to draw, but she couldn't draw either. My grandmother showed me how to draw a house, grass, the sky, trees, flowers and some stick figures.  Finally, I could draw pictures like everyone my class!

When  I began using an electric typewriter I learned to draw a Christmas Tree with it. An older student, who typed with a headpiece that had a pencil sticking out of it, could draw more elaborate pictures with the typewriter than I could. I was happy with the Christmas Card I made for my parents  My Christmas Tree was on the front of it. 

I am always looking for new Kindle Apps. When I heard about an app called  Colorfy that allows you to color pictures on your Kindle, I knew I had to check it out. I love using  this app.It lets me put different color combinations together to create beautiful designs. I can finally stay inside the lines.

Coloring.  it is such a simple thing. As a child coloring was not fun for me. But, as an adult, thanks to Colorfy, I am leaning how much fun coloring can be.