Tuesday, March 29, 2016


I always write about the things that are wrong  with this facility. Things that need to be changed. What a difficult time  I am having here. I was going to write about problems again. I was going to give my ideas on how these problems could be solved. 

Something happened today that warmed my heart.  I wanted to share  it with you because I learned from it. I thought perhaps you could learn from it too.

There is a lady in housekeeping named Violet. She's from the Philippines. She doesn't speak English very well. She doesn't always understand me. She tries very hard to do what I ask. She has a good heart.

I had some chocolate truffles. I offered Violet one. She was so appreciative. The other day I got a sandwich for lunch, but decided not to eat it. I saved it for Violet. I knew she needed it more than I did  She is alone in this country. Violet works hard. I knew she would appreciate the sandwich. She did. She told me she loved me.She said when she went back to her country that she would always remember me.

I cannot imagine coming to a new country. I cannot imagine being all alone in that country. That takes tremendous strength and courage.  Strength and courage I know I do not posses.

We are not really supposed to give things to the staff. I don't want to cause any trouble for Violet. But, if you can help someone by doing even the simplest thing, like saving a sandwich for them, I think it is okay to break the rules once in a while.

I realize how lucky I am. The experience made me appreciate my family more . I am grateful for what I have. Whatever I want or need my family gets for me. Many people are not as fortunate. 

I will always remember you too Violet.