Saturday, April 2, 2016


I am a nerd. I Why? because  I don't watch much TV.   Watching the news the news is depressing. I do not enjoy waking up to reports of someone being murdered overnight or hearing about bombs exploding around the globe killing innocent people who were just going about their daily lives. And, the presidential hopefuls, well I won't even go there. The nightly network shows don't interest me either.

I like classic television. Watching the television shows I grew up with makes feel better when I am stressed. out. Watching classic television is like visiting with old friends.

I have slept with the television on every night since I have been here. If I wake up and hear Barney Miller, Newhart or Johnny Carson, I know I am not alone. Their\familiar voices bring me comfort.

I think many of these shows are still are relevant today. Take my favorite show, One Day at a Time, for example. Ann Romano was divorced raising her two daughters on her own. She had to prove herself in the male-dominated world of advertising. .Later in the series, she and another woman opened their own advertising agency.  Pretty impressive for two single women in the seventies

And then, Ann had to come home and deal with all the issues that come with raising teenage girls. Her oldest daughter Julie was constantly rebelling against everything. From running away with her boyfriend to refusing to go to college. Ann and Julie clashed regularly.. Barbara had her moments too. The girls had a party when Ann was out-of-town/ Barbara had too much to drink. She suffered the consequences.

My favorite episode involves the building superintendent Dwayne Schneider. He was reluctant to have a young man who was mentally challenged to work with him.  Schneider did not think the young would be able to handle the duties of the job. When there was a gas leak in the Romano apartment, Schneider's back is hurt.  He is unable to work. The young man proves that he can do the job. Under Schneider's direction, he is able to shut off the gas valve and save the apartment. The episode showed what a person with a disability can do if they are given a chance. The episode aired long before the passage of the ADA. This show was way ahead of its time.

Classic TVshows may be a little corny, but they depict families talking at the dinner table. The children are looking at their phones. From I Love Lucy to The Twilight Zone, Classic TV has something for everyone. Check it out.