Monday, April 25, 2016


Since becoming a resident here, I have come to realize how truly fortunate I am. I have a supportive family. They know how difficult it can be for me here. My brother, Bob has become my advocate. He does whatever he can to make sure my needs are met.

He also does whatever he can to make me happy. All I have to is tell him I need or want something and he will do his best to get it for me. From Jilly's Cupcakes to yogurt covered raisins, if I want it, he gets it.

Bob made my birthday special, taking my table mate;s orders and bringing us Chines food. He always makes sure that I have wine in my refrigerator to share too.

Bob's interests include sports, birds, animals and he loves to barbecue. When the weather is nice that's where you'll find him outside barbecuing. Chicken brats,pork steaks, hot dogs. you name it, he can grill it.

One of the residents at my table kept saying that they wanted a steak. When Bob heard about it, he offered to grill a stake for them on the grill that's on the facilities patio. Next Sunday, the four of us will be treated to steaks and salmon burgers grilled here by my brother. We are looking forward to it.

I realized again how lucky I am. I saw how happy everyone was when he brought us Chinese. Not everyone has the supportive and generous brother I do. Not only does he want me to be happy, he wants to make other residents happy too.

I am proud of Bob for wanting barbecue for us. He doesn't like to make a big deal of all the good things he has done for other people. But this is special to me. I wanted you all to  know what an amazing brother I have. He has never let me down.

Next Sunday the steaks and salmon burgers will be delicious. I know because my brother is The Grill Master.