Saturday, April 23, 2016


Photo Courtesy of Kelly Frey Suellentrop 
I am pathetic. I am needy. I am a nerd. I will write the adjectives for you, because after reading this post, I know you'll be thinking them.

You see, last Tuesday, April 19th, was my birthday. I had a good day. Family and friends visited. One of my favorite actresses,Nia Vardalos, tweeted me a birthday greeting. (I loved My Big Fat Greek Wedding. I cannot wait to see the sequel.)  My table mates and I, had were treated to a meal of Chinese take out and sake.  All of this celebrating should have been enough  But it wasn't. There is still one gift that I didn't receive. 

I'd been on a mission. I wanted a birthday tweet from Cher. I tried last year. Nothing. I was determined that this year would be my year. She's tweeted other fans her special birthday cake emoticon. I was going to.get one too.  Why it mattered at fifty-nine, I cannot explain, but it did.

Cher had tweeted me once, six years ago, after my mom died. It was time for another. I know fans she has tweeted more than once, Why not me?

A week before my birthday, I began tweeting her every night.. Reminder tweets, I was sure she'd want to circle the date in red pencil on her calendar, to make sure she didn't forget. My tweets were funny, stupid and serious. Anything to get her attention.  I even got friends to tweet her on my behalf. Nothing worked. I tried not to be disappointed, but I was. 

I think all of us have interests that we are a little obsessed with. Whether it is sports or following the plot of our favorite TV show. People or things  we feel connected to. You might not want to admit it, but you know you know you have one..

I am still tweeting Cher. I looked forward to doing it  I missed it when I stopped. I like making up tweets every night. I am sure 'I'd have more writing opportunities if I worked as hard on finding those as I do on the tweets/

There so many issues facing the disabled and long term care communities that need to be addressed. I will write about them in future posts. This post is just important to me.

Whether or not Cher tweets me won't change the world. It will just make me happy.

A friend told me to make this a funny post. I don't know if it's funny or not. I just wrote what I felt.

Cher, I'm still waiting. I know you won't let me down.